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Your hearts will know exactly if I am your dream wedding photographer! Wedding photography is an investment in your love and your future, providing a visual story for the next generations to cherish and enjoy. It has the power to create a lasting legacy built on the foundation of love and the joining of two kindred spirits. I am so excited for the opportunity to rewrite your love story with authentic images that paint a picture of true love – now and forever.

I am Eagle, a professional wedding photographer in Darwin, Australia, and I can’t wait to share in the love of your special day. To me, photography is the greatest form of artistic expression, providing the ability to capture a moment in time with authentic images that are full of emotion, love, and intimacy.


the story

My clients often ask me, “Where did the name “Eagle Scenes” come from?”

One of my friends used to call me Eagle in high school, and as I grew older, my personality started to align with an eagle’s personality. Naturally curious, fearless, and independent, I began to spread my wings, and ultimately discovered my true passion of photography. My goal as your wedding photographer is to explore the meaning behind every love story through the magical art of photography, capturing the subtle nuances and special memories that make your story different than all the rest.

Throughout my wedding photography journey, Eagle has represented my wild heart, my adventurous spirit, and my endless love for all the lovebirds who are ready to take on a new adventure. Eagles are larger than life, mighty, and majestic, as is the power that love holds when we have found our perfect match.

I have a strong belief in true love. It represents the magic of life, it unites us together, and it transcends shape, colour, and labels. I believe everyone deserves to love and to be loved unconditionally, and the most compelling love stories are unique, authentic, and real. Love has no boundaries, and it is through the power of love that I will capture every moment of the most special day of your life.

A wedding photographer for wild souls and loving hearts

Love Knows No Bounds


Just like an Eagle, I always carefully observe and consider all angles when it comes to planning and shooting your wedding day. I’m deeply in love with candid moments because it is in these moments that authenticity shines through, showing your personalities, your emotions, and the unique qualities that bring you together as a couple. Never forced, these candid images provide a window into your wedding experience, capturing love, light, and pure happiness. My heart palpitates wildly when I am able to witness and actually freeze the tears of joy, the impromptu giggles, the comforting touch, and the glowing eyes that sparkle with adoration of one another.

If this is the first time you have hired a professional photographer, it can be a little bit awkward, and you may even feel nervous. Just remember not to let your nerves get the best of you – many others have the same feelings! I will make you feel comfortable during the entire process, and will bring out the best sides of your personality. You don’t need to be the most confident person in the room to take amazing photos. All I need is for you to be you! Laughter, smiles, jokes, and tears are all welcome, because I want to see every real emotion with no holding back. I’ll be there to guide you both through the entire journey, from first look to final dance. And when you look back years from now, you’ll be able to relive every glorious and glowing moment, knowing that you allowed your authentic self to shine through.

During each wedding, I do not simply reserve the story’s centre for my couple, but I also cautiously observe what and who is important on their special day. A wedding is a celebration of love, family, friends, children, and all of the essential pieces that have played a part in your love story. These people have shaped who you have become, both individually and as loving partners. As soon as you have decided to hire me as your wedding photographer, I’ll spend time learning about what makes you and your families unique. We’ll meet through Zoom or at a coffee shop, and we’ll have a fun and engaging conversation as we kick off our journey together. I will never just attend your wedding and then disappear forever. I strive to create lasting relationships with each couple, and want to stay in touch as you continue on your love journey together. I’ll be there whenever you need me, and I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your trust in me. XOXO!

I have a special place in our hearts for intimate celebrations & elopements.


Don’t let anyone else decide what your wedding should be. This day is for you and your partner only, a celebration of the love you share together. It should represent your wishes and desires, not the desires or opinions of others, because you truly can’t please everyone. Do your best to tune out the external noise and listen to your instincts, because we all have only one life to live!

Maybe deep down you want an intimate wedding or elopement, but you’re afraid to disappoint or betray your family and friends. Or maybe you’re nervous in front of crowds, and don’t want to recite your vows in front of 100 guests. When true love is in the air, it doesn’t matter where the ceremony takes place, what matters is connection and meaning. Having a small wedding or elopement is not a selfish decision, and in fact, it is necessary to put yourselves first so that you can show your love and appreciation to others. If you don’t remain true to the desires of your heart, you may end up with lifelong regrets. Give yourself the gift of a wedding to remember forever - a wedding that was done your way.