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Your wedding is a celebration of your own unique love story, as you look back on how far you’ve come together and look forward to the future of your dreams. Let’s celebrate this new milestone in your life journey, as scenes from your wedding become treasured memories that will last forever. I am so grateful that you are considering Eagle Scenes to help you plan and capture every heartfelt moment of the biggest day of your life. I’ll be there every step of the way, for the adoring glances, the stolen kisses, and the unplanned moments of surprise. It’s these little moments that become the big moments that tell the story of your life.

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27 Jul, 2022

Ruby & Tommy

Thank you so much for the photos Eagle!!!! They are just BEAUTIFUL !!!!

You are amazing !!!!!!! We feel so lucky to have you as our photographer ! It was so lovely and fun, all of us were laughing most of the time.

Thank you very much for grasping so many gorgeous moments, they will be the most precious memories for us.

Oh, I won't be able to sleep tonight !

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